Man Cave Confidential – Episode 38

Man Cave ConfidentialWe are back after a long hiatus and on this episode we talk about how the show is being retooled to take into account that we are a couple of old married guys.

On this episode we talk about:

A recent article on how if your age ends in a “9” you are more likely to cheat on your significant other and why that is complete bullshit.

Samsung’s new “smart tv” listens to your every word and is possibly reporting what you say to various third-parties including advertisers.  We talk about how that could be a very bad thing.

Jackie Robinson West, the little league team that won the Little League World Series has been found to have cheated by using players from outside their geographical area.  We talk about the implications and how it should be dealt with when it comes to the kids on the team.

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 37

Man Cave ConfidentialOn this episode we talk about how the media is reacting to comments that Mark Cuban made regarding the Donald Sterling situation.  Cuban believed that the proceedings could lead the NBA down a very slippery slope and we talk about just why that is probably true.

The Shark’s daughter is graduating 8th grade and the rules that the school send out about the use of smart phones during the final trip to a local amusement park were anything but amusing.

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 36

Man Cave ConfidentialOn this show the guys are laser focused as the discuss an article from the Internet which talks about the 10 things that guys over 30 should no longer do if they want to be taken seriously.  While we agree with some, we just can’t get behind not eating fast food.

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 35

Man Cave ConfidentialDarren O’Neill and “Jeff J” Shark take you on another ride through all of the things guys like to talk about.  On this show we’ll be talking about whether or not young kids should be allowed to go pro in sports like golfing or even be professional actors.

Has college become useless?  They guys talk about the concept of a more laser focused system of learning that will teach people things that they actually need to know.  We also touch on how the way history is being taught has been changing and what the reasons for that may be.

In the “Not Everyone Gets a Trophy” segment the Shark talks about a local school that requires all students to complete “service hours” in order to graduate and how people of course cheated to get around doing the time.  If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Television shows lately seem to come and go, often after just a few episodes.  The guys want to know how the networks can expect a show to find an audience and how they believe the television landscape will change in the near future.

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 34

Man Cave ConfidentialThe guys want to know just what kind of special stupid someone has to be in order to call 911 because Subway didn’t get their sauce correct.  We’re getting to a whole new low with people acting like they are the only people that matter in the world.  With that said, should ordering a sandwich be all that hard?

Both guys have worked in retail hell at one point in their lives and they talk about how sometimes the company’s marking efforts make the salespeople’s jobs all that much harder.  Believe it or not, Circuit City used to yell at their employees for selling the items they put in their weekly ads.  No wonder they went bankrupt.

In what seems to be an impossibility, FJ Shark explains that hehas never really exceeded the posted speed limits on the roads of America.  Darren explains how he has definitely sped on an occasion or two.

FJ wants to know why the Canadian curling team doesn’t have a swimsuit calendar.  Darren wants to know how Shark remembers what the Canadian curling team looks like.

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 33

Man Cave ConfidentialOn this show we discuss what kind of privacy exists and what you should expect when using the Internet and all of your devices.  Some people think that their messages and their pictures disappear if they use special apps and the reality is that isn’t necessarily so.  Shark talks about the new rules that his kids have at school for using their phone on school property.

We talk about how stars of previous eras would have handled the social media landscape that we currently have.  Imagine if Marilyn and JFK had to worry about Twitter and Instagram as they pulled off one of the most infamous affairs in history.

So there’s a racist NBA owner and he’s losing his team.  How does that happen?  We’ll talk about it and what kinds of problems that everyone is going to face in the future as people continue to say stupid things on Twitter and Facebook.

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 32

Man Cave ConfidentialWelcome to the “Anything Can Happen” free-form show where the guys talk about some technical issues with the show and why you always need to keep a backup mixer handy.

Wrigley Field is 100 years old and they couldn’t even sell out their big party.  I guess not hosting a World Series in 100 years has finally led to some fan apathy.  Now that we’ve added lights and big scoreboards and have plans for more of that isn’t it time just to tear the place down and give the players a proper place to play?

The guys talk about the insane viewpoint that all adults are bound by some kind of law of humanity to give a kid a ball if they ever happen to catch a foul ball at a game.  Not everyone gets a trophy and not all kids get a foul ball.

In the “why can’t all superstars be like her” segment we talk about Taylor Swift who decided to attend a longtime fan’s bridal shower bringing along a bunch of gifts.

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 31

Man Cave ConfidentialThe guys talk about how actor James Franco used social media to try and hook up with a 17 year-old girl who was visiting New York.  To be fair to Franco it is totally legal in New York to have sex with a 17 year-old but it still seems a bit sleazy to most.

Baseball has finally instituted a replay system and right off the bat the system pretty much sucks as it handles the growing pains associated with adding such a system.  Darren also wants to know why MLB can’t have an internet streaming system that doesn’t have blackouts.

Why is it so hard to say “No” to the people you deal with each and every day?  We’ll talk about it and how you can overcome that problem.

The guys also talk about a new side podcast called “Write All Night” that they’ve started focusing on writing and all of the challenges that come with that pursuit.

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 30

Man Cave ConfidentialOn this episode we talk about why the Disney company pulled their funding from the Boy Scouts and whether we agree with the decision or not.  We also talk about the controversial topics that are popping up with regularity on the Disney Channel and the ABC Family Channel, which Disney owns.

Darren’s Comcast issue has been resolved thanks to the retention department and he’s got some great tips for others dealing with Comcast or any big company.

The mailbag question ask why so many people can’t help but dwell on the “good old days” of high school and college instead of getting out there and living life and making new memories now.

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 29

Man Cave ConfidentialWe apologize in advance for the Shark doing his best Darth Vader impression with his breathing, we’ll try to teach him proper mic technique!

On today’s show we talk about making money writing, whether it’s blogging or writing fiction and non-fiction.  We discuss how to package your work, how to monetize it and how to get feedback from readers.

Darren rants about his latest interaction with Comcast.  There are free speed upgrades in his area for “Double Play” customers, and even though he has the right Comcast services they won’t give him the upgrade because they’re not in their computer the “right way.”

The mailbag question comes from a guy who wants to know why his significant other gets pissed when she comes home from work and finds him playing video games.  You’d think he’d know, wouldn’t you?

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