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The Man Cave Confidential podcast features FJ Shark and Darren O’Neill.  Only one of us is using his real name, maybe you can guess which one!  Our show focuses on the topics that guys want to know about like dating, relationships, technology, gadgets, booze and more.

FJ Shark

FJ Shark is a renowned author and dating coach that has been helping guys for over twenty years.  The Shark teaches guys to get over their fears and go after the women that they want through his books like “How To Be The Jerk Women Love” and his many audio courses.

He brings a unique spin onto relationships (believe it or not, he’s married!) and how guys need to act to be successful.


Darren O'Neill

Darren O’Neill is a tech guru that has been designing and developing websites for over 15 years and is an expert on all things tech.  He is also the resident expert on politics and whiskey and brings a background of podcast work from shows like Alt-This, The Common Man Common Sense show and more.

We are glad you’re here and we hope you enjoy the show!  If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us and let us know what is on your mind!


    Shark, I read the book. Very timely. Keep the thoughts working.
    Darren, Great Web design and development. Great combo. Keep it coming.

  • Evy Eve

    Hello Sir Shark,

    i would really ask you and tell you about my story.
    My man is a real big fan of you and your mindsets about woman and men.
    We going through a really ruff time and i am on a point where i dont know furhter anymore.

    I would really like to tell you about our story and that you give us your honest opinion.
    i believe when i show him your respond as a proof that i try to fight for our relationship he will see that i am really into that it works
    and i know he will respects your opinion and advices

    so would you like to share your opinion to our story

    thanks a lot

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“Yes, nice-guys still finish last.” –F.J. Shark

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