Man Cave Confidential – Episode 4

mancaveconfidentiallogoEver wondered just what has to be in your man cave?  On today’s show the guys talk about just what you need to outfit your man cave from a bar to arcade games and everything in between.

The guys delve back into the mailbag and help guide a listener on what he should do with his porn stash when dating someone new.  Just to remind you, we’re entertainers and not to held responsible for anyone following our advice.

Darren tries to get the Shark to make a “5 women I’d like to sleep with” list.  Come on Shark, everyone has one!  And guys, if you want to share yours with ours we’d love to hear from you!



Man Cave Confidential – Episode 3

mancaveconfidentiallogoThe guys delve into the mailbag on this episode of the Man Cave Confidential podcast.  Listener Steve writes in asking for advice on how to move up in his career and the guys put their own crazy spin on the situation.  Somewhere in the madness there actually appears some good advice.

The tech tip of the day covers one of Darren’s favorite services Google Voice which allows you to have one phone number for everything that will forward to your home phone, cell phone and/or work phone as well as providing voice mail services.  If you’ve ever needed to give someone a phone number and didn’t want to give them your home or cell number, Google Voice is for you!

Guys, have you ever wanted to date a Playboy Playmate?  Believe it or not you don’t have to be rich or famous to get their attention, listen and find out why!


Babe of the Day – Taylor Swift


Picture 1 of 18

Taylor Swift looking sexy and sophisticated at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.  Let’s just call her the Anti-Miley and move on!

Man Cave Confidential – Episode 2

mancaveconfidentiallogoThe second episode of the Man Cave Confidential podcast, the #1 podcast listened to in man caves around the world!

In this episode the guys talk about the crazy behavior of Myley Cyrus on the VMAs and why the Fox News web site is turning into the National Enquirer.  Darren also goes off on a tangent on why the haters of Taylor Swift and their arguments about her songwriting hold no water.

The Shark talks about how to approach women for the first time giving guys advice on how to get the confidence to get what they want in life and much, much more!



Welcome To The Man Cave!

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 1

Man Cave Confidential - Episode 1The first episode of the Man Cave Confidential podcast featuring FJ Shark and Darren O’Neill.  The guys talk a bit about dating and the common mistakes that a lot of guys make.  Since it is episode one, we also get a primer on who the guys are and just what you can expect from the Man Cave Confidential podcast.

The show is aimed at the kind of discussions that guys have when they’re sitting around talking about life, the universe and everything.  Topics such as dating, relationships, tech, gadgets, booze and more.  We hope you can join us and please feel free to contact us to add to the discussion!

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