Man Cave Confidential – Episode 17

Man Cave ConfidentialOn today’s show we talk about some computer issues that both Darren and the Shark have had this week, one on Windows and one on a Mac.  The Shark had his machine die when upgrading with Windows 8.1 and Darren’s machine ate a podcast because the latest version of Skype on the Mac just plain sucks!  It just goes to show that both platforms can still have issues from time to time!

We also discuss the six main reasons a guy will stay in a relationship that he should probably get out of, what you need to start your very own podcast, how contemporary Christian singer Natalie Grant was not so nice to a Southwest Airlines employee and much, much more.

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 16

Man Cave ConfidentialOn today’s episode we take on bullying, since it is national bullying day and all.  The problem with bullying is that it is not a simple case of right and wrong and instead something that is all too often treated incorrectly.  While physical bullying is always wrong, are we really inviting to a world where yelling “you suck” at your least favorite ballplayer when he strikes out is illegal?

We also talk about haunted houses and similar things as first date material, discussing the pros and cons.

The NSA is grabbing your friends lists.  Don’t you kind of wonder why?

The great bourbon heist!  There’s $26,000 worth of bourbon missing.  What a party we could throw with that!  All this and much, much more!

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 15

Man Cave ConfidentialOn this episode we talk about tipping.  Who do you tip?  When do you tip?  How much should you tip them?  Do you tip at fast food restaurants or Starbucks?  Find out all you need to know!

We talk about how to recognize and avoid the “insta-girlfriend.”  The girl that tries to  insert herself in every aspect of your life from the minute you say hello.  Here’s a spoiler, RUN from these girls!!

And how old is too old for a guy to be living at home with his parents?  You’ll find out on today’s Man Cave Confidential show!

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 14

Man Cave ConfidentialOn today’s show we talk with Success Skills Coach Jim Rohrbach who has been helping people reach their goals for over two decades.  He talks about how coaching helps and what people can do to start taking the right steps in their quest for greatness.  You can find out more information about Jim at his web site http://www.SuccessSkills.com

We also talk about the end of the baseball season, which is a welcome end here in Chicago, and the emotional exit of Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.  We also answer a mailbag question where the listener wants to know where the line is between standing up for himself and just being a jerk.

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 13

Man Cave ConfidentialOn lucky episode #13 we talk about:

The fact that the Shark is still alive and knows someone that’s already beaten all the new Grand Theft Auto had to offer.  Sportsmanship in sports and how baseball and hockey are different.  What kinds of adventurous things guys can do to attract more women.  How technology has changed school and learning for both the better and the worse.

And of course, much, much more!

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 12

Man Cave ConfidentialI go solo for a show that starts with a rant aimed at H&R Block and every other company on the face of the Earth that lets a customer sign up for an account on their website without validating the email address that they used to sign up.

The FAA is talking about letting passengers actually use their electronic devices upon take off and landing, but still keeping cell phone use off the table.  Thank goodness!

Tech tip:  What is a Roku and why do you need one?  Find out what kind of video goodness that you can get on your television with this cool little device.

And the show closes out with tips on using the Internet and social media when promoting yourself, your brand, your podcast, etc.  It’s a two way street people!!

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 11

Man Cave ConfidentialThe new Grand Theft Auto game is out and the Shark went out and bought the game at midnight and has been up most of the night playing.  Find out his first impressions of the game and the midnight event for the launch.  Darren explains why he can’t play first person games because of a nasty motion sickness reaction.

The mailbag question involved a guy who was asked by a female friend to help her move and he wants to know if he should help and if he does just what kind of points he should get for his efforts.  The guys put their own spin on things and tell the guy to make sure she doesn’t have a boyfriend first!

There is a new product that the guy from the Dollar Shave Club site that has the guys a bit confused.  What is this revolutionary product?  Moist toilet wipes aimed at men.  Yes, at men.  What is this world coming to?

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 10

Man Cave ConfidentialEpisode 10 begins with Darren going off on a rant telling us just what he feels about both the blogging platform WordPress and the computer company Dell.  To sum it up, he doesn’t like either and he tells us why in his own special way.

The guys answer a mailbag question and talk about what the best Halloween costumes are for guys looking to go out and make their mark at a costume party.  Can you pull off the Clueless pickup artist costume?

We also finally find out just what TV shows that FJ Shark lists on his top 10 list where we find a mixture of reality TV and stylish period dramas.  Who knew the Shark was so deep?

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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 9

Man Cave ConfidentialBaseball is coming to an end in Chicago, to be honest it’s been done for months, but the Chicago Bears won their first game of the season.  Such is sports in the windy city!

On today’s show the guys talk about what kinds of classes you should take if you’re looking to learn a new skill and meet some new women.  Dance classes anyone??

The guys finish up their list of the top television shows that all guys should be watching.  What do you think of the shows they mention?  Do you agree of disagree?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming out soon and the Shark is excited!  We’re glad you can join us for the show and please tell a friend!


Man Cave Confidential – Episode 8

Man Cave ConfidentialHere in Episode 8 the guys show that they both truly have the gift of gab.  The show begins with a question from a listener who reconnected with a woman from high school when he went to his reunion.  Now she’s contacting him and wanting a little more, which would be great if she wasn’t married!  The guys try to steer him in the right direction.

Have you ever thought about what are the most “guy” television shows of all time?  Well Darren and the Shark have and they start talking about their top 10 lists in this episode.  The problem is there were way too many shows to discuss and only so much time set aside for recording the show.  So on this show you’ll get the start of the list which will be finished on the next podcast.

What shows do YOU think are the best guy shows of all-time??  Let us know!

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