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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 16

Man Cave ConfidentialOn today’s episode we take on bullying, since it is national bullying day and all.  The problem with bullying is that it is not a simple case of right and wrong and instead something that is all too often treated incorrectly.  While physical bullying is always wrong, are we really inviting to a world where yelling “you suck” at your least favorite ballplayer when he strikes out is illegal?

We also talk about haunted houses and similar things as first date material, discussing the pros and cons.

The NSA is grabbing your friends lists.  Don’t you kind of wonder why?

The great bourbon heist!  There’s $26,000 worth of bourbon missing.  What a party we could throw with that!  All this and much, much more!

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoy the show!  Please, tell a friend.

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