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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 29

Man Cave ConfidentialWe apologize in advance for the Shark doing his best Darth Vader impression with his breathing, we’ll try to teach him proper mic technique!

On today’s show we talk about making money writing, whether it’s blogging or writing fiction and non-fiction.  We discuss how to package your work, how to monetize it and how to get feedback from readers.

Darren rants about his latest interaction with Comcast.  There are free speed upgrades in his area for “Double Play” customers, and even though he has the right Comcast services they won’t give him the upgrade because they’re not in their computer the “right way.”

The mailbag question comes from a guy who wants to know why his significant other gets pissed when she comes home from work and finds him playing video games.  You’d think he’d know, wouldn’t you?

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