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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 33

Man Cave ConfidentialOn this show we discuss what kind of privacy exists and what you should expect when using the Internet and all of your devices.  Some people think that their messages and their pictures disappear if they use special apps and the reality is that isn’t necessarily so.  Shark talks about the new rules that his kids have at school for using their phone on school property.

We talk about how stars of previous eras would have handled the social media landscape that we currently have.  Imagine if Marilyn and JFK had to worry about Twitter and Instagram as they pulled off one of the most infamous affairs in history.

So there’s a racist NBA owner and he’s losing his team.  How does that happen?  We’ll talk about it and what kinds of problems that everyone is going to face in the future as people continue to say stupid things on Twitter and Facebook.

All this and much, much more.  Thanks for listening and please tell a friend!



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