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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 34

Man Cave ConfidentialThe guys want to know just what kind of special stupid someone has to be in order to call 911 because Subway didn’t get their sauce correct.  We’re getting to a whole new low with people acting like they are the only people that matter in the world.  With that said, should ordering a sandwich be all that hard?

Both guys have worked in retail hell at one point in their lives and they talk about how sometimes the company’s marking efforts make the salespeople’s jobs all that much harder.  Believe it or not, Circuit City used to yell at their employees for selling the items they put in their weekly ads.  No wonder they went bankrupt.

In what seems to be an impossibility, FJ Shark explains that hehas never really exceeded the posted speed limits on the roads of America.  Darren explains how he has definitely sped on an occasion or two.

FJ wants to know why the Canadian curling team doesn’t have a swimsuit calendar.  Darren wants to know how Shark remembers what the Canadian curling team looks like.

All this and the proverbial much, much more.  Thanks for listening and please tell a friend!


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