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Man Cave Confidential – Episode 38

Man Cave ConfidentialWe are back after a long hiatus and on this episode we talk about how the show is being retooled to take into account that we are a couple of old married guys.

On this episode we talk about:

A recent article on how if your age ends in a “9” you are more likely to cheat on your significant other and why that is complete bullshit.

Samsung’s new “smart tv” listens to your every word and is possibly reporting what you say to various third-parties including advertisers.  We talk about how that could be a very bad thing.

Jackie Robinson West, the little league team that won the Little League World Series has been found to have cheated by using players from outside their geographical area.  We talk about the implications and how it should be dealt with when it comes to the kids on the team.

That and much, much more.  Thank you for listening and please, tell a friend!

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