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Babe of the Day – Jessica Alba


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Even though she’s been in more movies than we can count, she’ll always be “Dark Angel” to us!  Does she keep on getting hotter as she gets older?  That’s not supposed to happen is it?

Babe of the Day – Minka Kelly


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Minka Kelly’s dad used to play guitar for Aerosmith, her mom was an exotic dancer and she was engaged to New York Yankee superstar Derek Jeter.  You’ve probably seen her in the television show “Friday Night Lights” or in the short lived reboot of “Charlie’s Angels.”  No matter where she shows up, count us in as watchers!

Man Cave Confidential – Episode 10

Man Cave ConfidentialEpisode 10 begins with Darren going off on a rant telling us just what he feels about both the blogging platform WordPress and the computer company Dell.  To sum it up, he doesn’t like either and he tells us why in his own special way.

The guys answer a mailbag question and talk about what the best Halloween costumes are for guys looking to go out and make their mark at a costume party.  Can you pull off the Clueless pickup artist costume?

We also finally find out just what TV shows that FJ Shark lists on his top 10 list where we find a mixture of reality TV and stylish period dramas.  Who knew the Shark was so deep?

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Babe of the Day – Kate Upton


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Kate Upton, one of the hottest models on the planet.  Were you curious as if she still looked stunningly hot in black and white?  Now you know.  You’re welcome!

Man Cave Confidential – Episode 9

Man Cave ConfidentialBaseball is coming to an end in Chicago, to be honest it’s been done for months, but the Chicago Bears won their first game of the season.  Such is sports in the windy city!

On today’s show the guys talk about what kinds of classes you should take if you’re looking to learn a new skill and meet some new women.  Dance classes anyone??

The guys finish up their list of the top television shows that all guys should be watching.  What do you think of the shows they mention?  Do you agree of disagree?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming out soon and the Shark is excited!  We’re glad you can join us for the show and please tell a friend!


Still Using Windows XP? Read This!

Windows XPEven though we are up to Windows 8 in the Microsoft Operating System line that doesn’t mean there aren’t people everywhere clinging to previous editions of their operating systems.  I, for one, am still on Windows 7 because I actually want a nice desktop experience and don’t feel the need to have a touchscreen on my main machine.  I do not feel the need to upgrade and since Microsoft will support Windows 7 until 2020 I think I’m in good shape.

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Babe of the Day – Victoria Justice


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Hard to believe, but this 20 year old stunner made her first television appearance on the Gilmore Girls in 2003.  She has starred in a couple different television shows including “Zoey 101” and the Nickelodeon show “Victorious.”  You might have also seen her last year in the major motion picture “Fun Size.”  If you have kids, they probably love her, and now you will too!

Babe of the Day – Erin Heatherton


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Today’s babe of the day is Erin Heatherton, a Victoria’s Secret Angel that is from the Chicago area.  Tall, blonde and beautiful, a dangerous combination, don’t you think?

Man Cave Confidential – Episode 8

Man Cave ConfidentialHere in Episode 8 the guys show that they both truly have the gift of gab.  The show begins with a question from a listener who reconnected with a woman from high school when he went to his reunion.  Now she’s contacting him and wanting a little more, which would be great if she wasn’t married!  The guys try to steer him in the right direction.

Have you ever thought about what are the most “guy” television shows of all time?  Well Darren and the Shark have and they start talking about their top 10 lists in this episode.  The problem is there were way too many shows to discuss and only so much time set aside for recording the show.  So on this show you’ll get the start of the list which will be finished on the next podcast.

What shows do YOU think are the best guy shows of all-time??  Let us know!

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